Soulja Boy Compared To A Legend?

Peter Spirer, director of Soulja Boy: The Movie had nothing but high praise for the rapper who's biopic he filmed. Spirer says he was amazed by Soulja Boy's growth and doesn't see anything wrong with comparing the "Pretty Boy Swag" rapper to 2Pac.
"It really reminded me of somebody like 2Pac," Spirer says. "He was just in it every moment, just continuing to think of new ways for him to connect with his audience. I think it's fascinating to see his growth. I think it's a fascinating sketch. You see there were things that happened in his life that made him more protective." "By the end of the picture, he's not quite the outgoing kid he was a few years earlier," he continued. "He still has that charm and exuberance, but it's more in his mind and it's more protective. You see the evolution of him and his character. By the end of the picture, he becomes a man. You see him actually grow in front of you."


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