Justin Bieber's 'Street' Side

Superproducer Shondrae "Mr. Bangladesh" Crawford shared some insight regarding pop sensation Justin Bieber. "The Beebz" is a lot more than the general public thinks, according to Mr. Bangladesh. There are those who scoff at Bieber's forays into hip hop, but the producer says the kid has more in common with today's rappers than one might think.
"Yeah he's just a cool kid, influenced by the hip-hop community," says Bangladesh. "(He) wants to be in the clubs, wants to be relevant everywhere. Just wants to be like standing next to Wayne in the club type. He want an 808. He wants to sing and he wants a big booty girl. But he's a cool little dude, he's talkative, down to earth, but he really knows dope beats though. When I'm playing, I know my selection of music that I'm playing. I know what's on this level and that level and Justin picked some good beats. So he got an ear for what he wants to do."


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