Sha Money XL On Industry Titles

Sha Money XL, Def Jam Senior VP of A&R, made it clear how he feels about empty industry titles. In a recent interview, Sha reflected on what's been the key to his success during his time in the industry and says that he only cares about money--=not appearances.
"F*ck a title, I was president of G-Unit," Sha said in an interview. "What that mean? I want the money, f*ck the title, man. Give me the f*cking money, man. Y'all all got that power tripping sh*t, 'You head of this,' that does't mean nothing. I want the money. Money is all I want. That power title sh*t? You can be the president of me, it don't mean you're iller than me? I'm in the field. [I'm] the last motherf*cker you've seen that don't rap stood behind records that sold 15 million. I don't rap, I bet on winners. I want more winners."


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