Evelyn Lozada In MAXIM?

"Basketball Wives" castmember Evelyn Lozada talked about her relationship with her boyfriend, NFL star Chad Ochocinco, in the recent issue of Maxim magazine. The sexy Rican revealed that Chad's BIG personality can be a nuisance sometimes and also revealed that his softer side is what wins her over.
"Chad is animated 24/7, and it drives me a little crazy sometimes," she says in the interview. "He’s very energetic with tons of jokes. But he’s not as arrogant and cocky as people think. When he’s home he’s very polite, and a gentleman. But he’s always on."
Evelyn says you won't be seeing her goodies on South Beach anytime soon, either. "I would never do that. Being topless on South Beach is not a good look," she shared, before admitting that her big-uns are quite lovely. "My breasts. They're pretty," she answered when asked about her best asset.
She also reminded everyone that her business savvy goes beyond being a famous baller's chick. When she was asked what else she would do outside of reality TV, her answer was to-the-point.
"Full-time entrepreneur," she answered. "Before 'Basketball Wives,' I was very busy in Miami with my shoe store, Dulce. I love shoes. And the only reason I signed on to do the show was to help promote my store. So if my life wasn’t so non-stop now, I would be at my store 24/7."


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