Kanye's Camp Denies Lunch Story

Kanye's people are denying that the superstar rapper went off in an employee in full-on diva fashion. Stories have surfaced online claiming that Yeezy got angry at a London driver that he reportedly sent to Selfridges Food Hall to pick up lunch. Ye' was reportedly 'forced' to wait for his food for hours.
"Obviously, he's never heard of the Tube and London suffers from horrendous traffic," said the 'unnamed source' that relayed the story. "The driver left at 1pm and didn't make it back until 3pm, when the head of security told him: 'I'm sorry but I'm going to have to let you go. You took too long and Kanye got p---ed off. He was really hungry'."
But Kanye's team allegedly told celebrity blogger Perez Hilton the story is a "complete fabrication" and added that all of "Mr. West's drivers are happily employed." .


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