Ray J Angry Over Spoof

Ray J reportedly isn't too happy about a Chicago radio station's spoof of him. WGCI's morning show parodied the singer's radio meltdown of last year, but added the insensitive element of the death of Whitney Houston to the 'jokes.' Ray J and Whitney were close, and he's not at all happy about the spoof.
"I mean alot of people gonna try to make it seem like I broke down in the airport about Whitney, man, but I swear to God I had lost my sister's car key and I know how she feels about that. So I knew with everything that's going on and just to lose this car key would put everything over the top," the fake Ray J impersonator joked. "Before we even get into that, let me ask you a question. What song is doper, "Every Little Step I Take" or 'Sexy Can I?'" He continued, "One Wish was a greater song than Bobby, and I wasn't tripping on the seats I had. My family was there just to support Whitney and support her family my sister was there, my mom, my dad. And this man is going to get mad because he can't move a seat closer to his daughter?"
The singer's unnamed friend blasted the show. "He's having a very difficult time dealing with Whitney's death," a friend told BOSSIP. "He's not even doing interviews right now because he's not in the right place for that. He has a book ("Death Of A Cheating Man") that just came out on Valentine's Day and he's not even promoting that right now. It was an incredibly insensitive thing to do." We feel you Ray J. Hold your head. Our prayers are with you and your fam and the Houston/Brown families. .


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