Kreayshawn On "Murder" Video:

Rappers 2 Chainz and Kreayshawn have kept mum about the oddball images that surfaced online a few weeks ago from their "Murder" video set, but Kreay spilled a few details about the upcoming vid in an interview from the set that hit the web recently. Whether or not this is the real plot of the vid is yet to be seen.
"Hey everyone, it's Kreayshawn and I'm here, on set, video set might I add and it's with me and 2 Chainz," Kreay said in the footage. "It's going to be murderous. I'll tell you what. We're doing all kinds of crazy things like eating people, killing people. ... I decided to cook for 2 Chainz. I got a little bit of liver here for him. We're eating some rare meat just like we like it. Rare. No fork. Just dive in."


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