Maia Campbell Resurfaces Sober

90s actress Maia Campbell came to fame as a character on FOX's critically-acclaimed-but-short-lived dramady "South Central" before starring on the popular LL Cool J sitcom "In the House." Suffering from bipolar disorder, her career slipped into freefall several years later, and seemed to bottom out after video footage surfaced of the actress launching into profanity-laced and drug-induced tirades on the streets of South Central Los Angeles. Now, Campbell says she's clean and sober and looking to start over.
"I’ve been sober for two years, and a lot of people can’t say that," says Campbell. " I’m timid, shy and broken a little bit by some of the responses [online], but then again so much support from the people saying 'No! She’s none of that.' Real friends stepping up … And just showing me who the real people were in my life. It helped me find myself and find out that there’s a real true artist inside of me–that no matter what obstacles may come, he’s not going to let you fall, and he’s not going to let you down."
"I started ministering to myself and looking at my heart … Finding my voice … And it just made me stronger," she continued. "If it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger. Like Drake says, “It’s far from over…” I listened to the music that people were making, and it kept inspiring me. I started making music, and I just stepped out on a limb. My mom died … So much has happened. I miss people in my life. I miss LL [Cool J]. Debbie Allen came back to the community … And for once so many miracles. I swear so many miracles!"
Campbell even revealed that she did several movies following the disturbing YouTube videos that surfaced years ago of her reportedly under in the influence.
"I went on to do movies, and nobody talked about it, and that hurt me," she shared. "I did a movie called ‘Rim Shop’ after Katrina had happened in New Orleans. We went down there, and that place looked a mess, seriously. We shot a film out there just to help those people, to bring revenue in and just show our support to their situation. Then, I did a gospel kind of Tyler Perry play called ‘Friends and Lovers.'"
She's still focused on revitalizing her career.
"I want to attach myself to anything-–reality shows, movies–but positive characters," says Campbell. "I don’t want to play the crazy girl like, 'Craig, Craig let me borrow your VCR!' It’s too much of that in life, and we got kids out there … I wish they would take that type of stuff off the Internet because the kids have to go to school and deal with reality of that, and it makes it hard for them to learn."


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Best of luck. Pray'n 4 u

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