Mistah F.A.B. Is Mentoring Kreayshawn

Mistah F.A.B. discussed his decision to support the controversial Kreayshawn and her even-more controversial cohort V-Nasty. F.A.B. was heavily criticized last year for standing behind V-Nasty after she came under fire for using the N-word in her freestyles, and he spoke on his decision to mentor the White Girl Mob members and fellow Oakland natives.
"Knowing the ideology, demographic and cultural upbringing [of Oakland], I realized that the rest of the world wouldn't understand them doing what it is that they do," he explained. "[I chose to mentor them] when everybody else backed down because it would be too controversial, too sketchy and too edgy for their promising careers. A lot of the people had the ability to be a spokesman and say ‘Yo, this is just what goes on in our area.’ But everybody else backed down and tried to leave them on the edge, I felt like that wasn’t right. I’ve been a person who has been misunderstood, I’ve been a person who has been on the pilgrimage of controversy…my whole career has been that. To be misunderstood is a touchy feeling. You look at these young girls and you see that there’s no one there to mentor them or allow them to [represent what goes on in their city]. I’m not going to leave them out there to dry out like that."


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