Neef Buck Discusses Old Beefs

Neef, estranged member of Young Gunz, addresses his history of feuding in general, and his ongoing beef with Game and the LOX. The rapper says that there is no longer any animosity between he and others in hip hop.
"[Young Chris] was recently in L.A. and he ran into Game and they took a picture and everything and sent it to me. Sometimes with beef, it's just rap. We got older and a lot more mature," Neef promised in an interview. "Back in the day we were going through it with the LOX and just running up to New York and bombing on Hot 97. We was running around and it was really on sight whenever we saw certain people. I even caught a case up in New York; I got caught with a gun. We was young and immature just running around and living. We didn't have any responsibility yet, but we do now, once we got a little money and people we gotta take care of that we gotta stay here for. We wasn't thinking at the time. A lot of people, it just be rap -- you do different things for attention, and I guess that's what it was."


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