J. Cole Done With Twitter?

J. Cole says he's left Twitter and he is not coming back. The rapper shared his feelings about the social media site and revealed that he thinks artists exploit the platform for publicity while foregoing focusing on their music.
"I'm not on Twitter no more, I'm not doing it and I'm not going to ... As an artist, I'm sitting back and I'm watching all these other artists who I respect -- some of them are big artists -- on Twitter fighting for attention," J. Cole said. "Every tweet is like, 'I'm looking for attention. Retweet me!' I saw that and same thing about songs, dropping songs, it all comes from this place of fear, like I don't want nobody to forget about me. It really comes from that place. But really your body of work speaks for you, so it's doing work even when you're not knowing it. But because people ain't talking about you on Twitter or you're not the trending topic or your mixtape ain't trending, you feel a certain kind of way."


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