Shyne Planning Return To U.S.

Rapper Shyne has spent the better part of two years living as an Orthodox Jew in Israel, but the former Bad Boy rapper is expected to make his return to the United States soon. He's been in Israel finishing his parole, and now that that time is done, he's ready to come home.
"We're working on it. It's been three years, so I finished my parole," he explained. "The ban from America starts from three to 10 [years], so now it's time to start making those applications."
"And also, I do a lot of work for my country," he continued. "So I feel that's important for the administration, homeland security and state department to respect that. I'm a young kid that made a mistake and I turned my life around, I shouldn't suffer for the rest of my life. America is an important part of my life."
"It's an important way for me to help my country, and more importantly Shyne Po still ring bells on every block," Shyne says. "The kids are listening to me, man. So if anyone is going to tell them to put the guns down, or to go to Harvard and try to educate themselves and try to stay from out of prison, they're going to listen to me. So I feel once we put our presentation together and present it to the powers that be, I don't see it being a problem."


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