Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"106 & Park" Hosts Announce Departure

"106 & Park" hosts Terrence J and Rocsi have confirmed that they are indeed leaving the popular BET program. The duo officially announced their departure on Tuesday (May 29th) after some speculation for a couple of weeks about their future.
"The first day I cracked the mic on 106, I was staying on a cot in a basement," said Terrence, with Rocsi adding, "Until the moment we leave, we pledge to bring you young Black culture. It continues to be our honor to do this for you."
"Today, after seven exciting years, '106 & Park' hosts Terrence J and Rocsi announced that they will be leaving the show. It is no secret that there are a number of opportunities coming their way and we’re fortunate that they’ve been with '106 & Park' for so long," said BET President of Music Programming & Specials, Stephen Hill. "They will be staying on the show for a while, so that we can have a 'victory lap' — a celebration of their years at the helm of 106 & Park — before their departure. Terrence J and Rocsi are destined for great success and we at BET Networks will always take pride in being their original home — and be a place where I hope they’ll always feel welcome."
"We are humbled at the opportunity to be a part of your lives," Terrence said during the show. "We have a huge farewell show coming for you guys. We're going to be leaving with a bang."

DJ Khaled Joins Ciroc Boyz

Hip hop mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs announced that DJ Khaled has been named the newest member of the Ciroc Boyz. While partying at Mansion 360 alongside Khaled and The Weeknd, Diddy shared the news on the mic to the crowd.
Khaled joins DJ Funk Master Flex as a member of the vodka brand's conglomerate. Diddy is a part owner of the brand.
“Check it out, we finally, finally negotiated a deal and closed a contract with my man DJ Khaled, he is officially now a Ciroc Boy!” Diddy exclaimed.

Paris Hilton Jealous of Kim/Kanye?

Barely-relevant celebutante Paris Hilton is reportedly not at all happy about superstar Kanye West dating her former BFF Kim Kardashian. Rumors are flying that Ms. Hilton thinks Kim was disloyal and forgot who paved the way for her to become the famous for absolutely nothing.
"Kim will always be a sore spot for Paris because she believes that without her Kim wouldn't have the success she has in her life," a source told RadarOnline. "Paris thinks Kim wasn't a loyal friend to her and only used her to gain fame and that she is ungrateful for everything Paris claimed to do for her. Paris is extremely jealous of Kim's success with her reality shows as Paris' last foray in television was a complete flop. Her show on Oxygen was a ratings disaster and didn't get renewed. Adding to Paris' angst is that attention that Kim is getting from dating Kanye. Paris has been dating DJ Afrojack, but he's nowhere near the fame league that Kanye is, and adding to that, the relationship has now cooled. He didn't accompany Paris to Cannes and he didn't go with her to Las Vegas for Memorial Day while he was working in Atlantic City."

Rihanna Dating New York Knick?

Rihanna, while stirring up the gossip mill by appearing at Club Liv with ex-beau Drake, also found time to start another hot rumor. The leggy pop star has been reportedly spending time with New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith.
With the Knicks getting bounced in the first round, the wingman has had plenty of time for extracurricular activities.
Smith had a run-in with the police in Miami last week for driving without a license. But after he was out of jail, he was seen hanging with Rih-Rih at Urban Beach Week.

50 Cent Digs Cam'ron, Fat Joe?

50 Cent may have had his past issues with Fat Joe, but the Queens-bred hip hop superstar wasn't ashamed to mention Joe and other hip hop stars who's songs he's always enjoyed. 50 discussed some of the more popular tracks from Cam'ron, Busta Rhymes and Joe while pointing out songs that really grabbed him over the years.
"'357,' that's it," 50 said of Cam'ron's first hit. "'Horse and Carriage' didn't even mean that to me. That was like - Whenever an artist makes a joint that you listen to and go 'ooh' like that joint had me. The beat, the whole thing. It struck a chord in me, that's how-- Even for Busta, his portfolio of music, for me is 'Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See.' Even fat boy. Fat Joe, his was 'Lean Back.'"

Ashanti Shows Some Skin

Ashanti hasn't topped the charts in a while, but the R&B star still knows how to get people's attention.
The sexy singer got everyoen talking when she showed up this weekend wearing a very revealing outfit at the "Liquid Sundays" event at Foxwoods Resort & Casino in Connecticut. Ashanti was hosting the event adn decided to show a little skin, obviously.
Her outfit at the 5000 Men Omega Party in D.C. was also an eye-catcher. Now if she could only drop a single as conversation-starting as these outfits. We're waiting on ya, Ash...
She's reportedly prepping her new album Braveheart.

Rocsi & Eddie Murphy Dating For Months?

Rocsi and Eddie Murphy made headlines last week when they were spotted grabbing coffee and looking decidedly cozy on Los Angeles' Westside, but it has reportedly been denied that the two are dating. Of course, there are stories beginning to surface that suggest otherwise.
Reportedly, the two have been seeing each other for close to a month. Murphy reportedly flew the BET star to the Bahamas for a weekend.
Rocsi has also relocated to Los Angeles now that she's leaving BET's New York-based "106 & Park." She moved to focus on her acting career...among other things.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

No Malice Takes Shot At Wayne?

No Malice previously indicated that he was not interested at all in delving into the burgeoning war of words between Young Money and G.O.O.D. Music. The beef was ignited when No Malice's brother, G.O.O.D. Music artist Pusha T, dropped the single "Exodus 23:1" which many interpreted as a diss aimed at Young Money star Drake.
No Malice said last week that he was focusing on his faith and not rap beefs, but over Memorial Day Weekend, the religious rapper decided to take a thinly-veiled shot at Young Money superstar Lil Wayne and the infamous 2007 photo of Wayne sharing a kiss with his label boss, Bryan "Birdman" Williams.
"Well I LOVE Pusha! That's my blood and I ain't never kiss em," No Malice tweeted.

Drake & Rihanna Spotted Together

Here we go...
Former loves-turned-friends-turned-possibly-lovers again Rihanna and Drake were spotted out together at Miami's Club Liv. The photogenic young superstars were getting close at the spot, and Rihanna was reportedly looking a little sloshed.
Drake and Rihanna have had a lengthy history, but have never 'officially' claimed to be anything more than friends.
Drake has even referenced their history in some song lyrics. But Rihanna seems to just be enjoying herself. She's a party girl and he's a sensitive guy.
This can't end well.

J. Cole Dismisses Diggy Beef

J. Cole downplayed any lingering idea of a beef between he and hip hop upstart Diggy Simmons. Diggy dissed Cole in a track that was released late last year after he said that Cole made some inappropriate comments about his sister.
But according to Cole, there is no issue.
"There's nothing going on. I'm not even thinking about it," Cole said in an interview with DJ Drama. "What am I gonna go beat Diggy up? It's not gonna happen. It's Diggy Simmons, just remember this. He's good, he's talented, but he's a kid. I was really surprised when people were making that an issue. That's not the type of beef you want to be involved in."

Chris Brown Fortune Tracklist

Breezy’s favorite hue, must be blue too. Here’s the official artwork for the R&B singer’s fifth studio album. No translator necessary. Pre-order it here. In stores May 8.
UPDATE: Your titles below via hhnm. Album in stores July 3.
1. Turn Up The Music
2. Bassline
3. Till I Die (Ft. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa)
4. Mirage (Ft. Nas)
5. Don’t Judge Me
6. 2012
7. Biggest Fan
8. Sweet Love
9. Strip (Ft. Kevin Mccall)
10. Stuck On Stupid
11. 4 Years Old
12. Cadillac (Ft. Sevyn)
13. Don’t Wake Me Up
14. Trumpet Lights (Ft. Sabrina Antionette)
Deluxe Edition:
15. Tell Somebody
16. Free Run
17. Remember My Name (Ft. Sevyn)
18. Wait For You
19. Touch Me (Ft. Sevyn)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Young Jeezy Signs Tone Trump

Philadelphia rapper Tone Trump has become the latest signee to Young Jeezy's Corporate Thugz Entertainment. Tone has been previously affiliated with G-Unit, his own imprint, Top Notch Entertainment, and now joins Slick Pulla, USDA and Freddie Gibbs at CTE.
The signing caps what has been a notable 2012 thus far for Trump. The rapper recently released the track "Get Got" with Jae Millz and Freeway.

A$AP Rocky Talks Banks Vs. Iggy

A$AP Rocky downplayed the Iggy Azalea/Azealia Banks beef. Despite the rumors that he and Iggy have been romantically involved, Rocky says the issue has nothing to do with him. Nonetheless, the rapper also says that he thinks the young ladies should squash the whole thing.
"I don't really got nothin' to say about that situation, that ain't got nothin' to do with me," Rocky said laughing. "I know both of 'em, that's all I do is know both of 'em."
Rocky is a Harlem native, like Banks and has a 'history' with Iggy--but he's not taking sides.
"I know both of 'em, and I feel like they shouldn't be beefin'. They both comin' up; they need to get along," Rock said. "I think they'd make a dope song together, personally."

Raz B Outing Ray J & Omarion?

Raz B refuses to go away quietly.
The former B2K member (and future Trivial Pursuit question) is reportedly writing a tell-all book called This Boy's Life that 'exposes' stars such as Bow Wow, Ray J, Chris Brown and Omarion as closeted homosexuals.
In case you forgot, Raz B accused his former manager Chris Stokes and star Marques Houston of sexually molesting him while he was in his former boy band.
Here are some excerpts:
“They say you never know who knows who. Chris Brown didn’t think about that when he attacked me online I have a friend that’s very close to Chris’ camp who told me that Chris was involved with an up and coming songwriter Andre Merritt. So when Chris started going in calling people ‘gay’ and ‘f*gs’ I just dropped Andre Merritt’s name. I knew it was true when he decided to shut up.”
“Bow Wow was younger than all of us, but the record company figured his affiliation with us (B2k) would be great. I didn’t see it for myself but I was told by Fizz that Bow Wow and he got involved with each other. I didn’t put a lot of stock in it then. It would be a few years until I realize that Fizz wasn’t lying. In 2005 Bow Wow and Omari became “inseparable”. It wasn’t until rumors forced Bow Wow to end the relationships. The gay talk was hurting Bow Wow’s business.”
“There were no girls; there were no breaks, and absolutely NO meat. Our diet was so strict that I remember passing out during rehearsals because of our heavily restricted diet.”“…Me and Boog (Jarell Houston, known as J. Boog) resisted the most. Fizz and Omari (Omarion) however seemed a lot easier to take advantage of. I suspect it was because Fizz was so much younger and Omari was just gay.”
“Ray J was cool at first. I was under the impression that he wanted to help me. But just like with Whitney (Houston) he was just looking for someone to use. Ray J said that he was mad about how Chris did us and other artist, but Ray J just wanted airtime.” He went on to say, “Ray J made a diss song about Chris being gay, but that’s the kettle calling the pot black.”

Lil Wayne Disses Pusha T

Lil Wayne has fired a shot at Pusha T following Pusha's controversial "Exodus 23:1" track that many interpreted as a diss record aimed at Wayne's YMCMB camp. Weezy dropped a track called "Goulish" and it looks like G.O.O.D. Music and Young Money will be beefing going into the summer of 2012.
"F--k Pusha-T and everybody that love him. His head up his a** so I'ma have to head butt him" Wayne raps. "N*ggas can't see me. Not even a glimpse. Too many banana clips, I feel like a chimps."
Drake also reportedly dissed Pusha T while performing.

Rihanna: Blonde & Naked

Rihanna is planning to release a new fragrance called "Nude," and the leggy superstar decided to give fans a little taste of what the ad campaign for the scent may look like. Never one to shy away from showing skin, Rih-Rih posted pics from her photoshoot for the perfume's first ads.
"I got a big shoot tomorrow for a surprise fragrance for my ladies called…NUDE! Bye bye dreadz, for NOW!" she tweeted, referencing the look she rocked on "American Idol" just a week ago.
Rocking a blonde look and nothing but her birthday suit, Rihanna got tongues a-wagging online. She definitely knows how to generate interest.

Brandy Scraps Monica Tour Idea

Earlier this year, there was a lot of buzz surrounding R&B stars Brandy and Monica pairing up on the single "It All Belongs To Me." But it looks like any talk of a tour featuring the two veteran singers has to be shelved for now; Brandy says she's focusing on her own music currently.
"Um, honestly, we haven’t really talked about it since we stopped promoting 'It All Belongs to Me,'" Brandy told NecoleBitchie. "I just honestly think Monica and I are in different places in our music. And my vibe is a little bit different this time around so I don’t know. I kind of wanna do my own thing. I definitely feel like the fans would want a tour from us, but I don’t know, I just feel like I’m being pulled in a different direction. I’m definitely still open to it, but right now I’m looking in a different way right now for me."

No Malice Takes Shot At Wayne?

No Malice previously indicated that he was not interested at all in delving into the burgeoning war of words between Young Money and G.O.O.D. Music. The beef was ignited when No Malice's brother, G.O.O.D. Music artist Pusha T, dropped the single "Exodus 23:1" which many interpreted as a diss aimed at Young Money star Drake.
No Malice said last week that he was focusing on his faith and not rap beefs, but over Memorial Day Weekend, the religious rapper decided to take a thinly-veiled shot at Young Money superstar Lil Wayne and the infamous 2007 photo of Wayne sharing a kiss with his label boss, Bryan "Birdman" Williams.
"Well I LOVE Pusha! That's my blood and I ain't never kiss em," No Malice tweeted.

Friday, May 25, 2012

M.I.A. Joins Roc Nation Management

The management arm of Jay-Z's Roc Nation empire continues to expand. London-based Sri Lankan rapper/singer M.I.A. has joined the management team, according to reports from earlier today (May 24th.)
Roc Nation also posted the news on their website. M.I.A. is reportedly hard at work on her next album.
"Welcome home," tweeted pop superstar Rihanna, who is also signed to Roc Nation management. Rihanna also retweeted a tweet from Roc Nation that read simply: "The nation just keeps on growing..."

Jay-Z Writing Songs For "Annie"

Hip hop mogul Jay-Z will be guiding the musical direction over the upcoming remake of the classic Annie, slated to star Will Smith's pop star/actress daughter, Willow Smith. Jay will be writing new songs for the film as well.
Will Smith and Jay-Z are both helping to produce the big-budget project.
Jay notably sampled music from the hit play for one of his most iconic hits in 1998's "Hard Knock Life." "Annie" has been a successful play in the 1970s and a hit film in the 1980s. No director has been attached to the film as of yet.

"Watch the Throne" Sequel Coming

Watch the Throne was one of the biggest albums of 2011, and fans could expect a sequel from Jay-Z and Kanye. Mike Dean revealed during a recent interview that the two stars will be working on another joint project. He did admit that there is no current material, however.
"I'm working on the G.O.O.D. Music album of course, " Dean shared, when asked about his upcoming projects. "[I'm working on] Watch the Throne 2, which is not started yet, but that's coming."
Dean is one of hip hop's most celebrated and longest-tenured producers. He has worked with West before, as well as several other hip hop luminaries, most notably Scarface and 2Pac.

Kanye Film Premieres

Kanye West premiered his short film Cruel Summer at the Cannes Film Festival in France and several details surrounding the somewhat mysterious project were shared online. Logan Hill of GQ tweeted some information regarding the film's plot.
“Cruel Summer is the story of a Lamborghini car thief who falls for a beautiful blind Arabic girl who’s father will let them……marry if he can help her see," Hill tweeted. "So he (Kid Cudi) does using strings that lead her around palace to play music. @kanyewest talke synesthesia.”
“[Kanye] says it work in progress but it’s wildly stylish, huge booming soundtrack,” Hill continued. “Vanessa Beecroft production design. immersive fun. @kanyewest needed 20 camels, 100 extras and I’m guessing 20 Lambos. @kanyewest film features fashion he designed and pieces by local Arabic designers, shot in 4 days, 3 months start to almost-finish.”
G.O.O.D. Music artists Pusha T, Big Sean and Kid Cudi attended the premiere, as well as comedian Aziz Ansari, Kanye's girlfriend Kim Kardashian and Theophilus London.

Will Smith Explains Willow's Hair

Some in the media and general public have been critical of young Willow Smith and ever-changing look. The pint-sized pop star has shaved her hair, dyed it green and donned various other eye-catching looks, and her poppa Will Smith defended his daughter and he and Jada Pinkett-Smith's decision to let their daughter find her own look and find her own way.
"We let Willow cut her hair. When you have a little girl, it’s like how can you teach her that you’re in control of her body?" Will says. "If I teach her that I’m in charge of whether or not she can touch her hair, she’s going to replace me with some other man when she goes out in the world. She can’t cut my hair but that’s her hair. She has got to have command of her body. So when she goes out into the world, she’s going out with a command that it is hers. She is used to making those decisions herself. We try to keep giving them those decisions until they can hold the full weight of their lives.”

Lupe Still Angry At Pete Rock?

Just when you thought Lupe Fiasco and Pete Rock had settled their week-long beef, Lupe unleashed a tirade aimed at the hip hop superproducer and his handling of the controversy. Pete blasted Lupe earlier this week for sampling Pete Rock & CL Smooth classic "T.R.O.Y.," but the two supposedly squashed their feud yesterday (May 23rd.)
But according to Lupe, he's still not cool with Pete Rock or the way he's handled things.
"We wasn't on the phone like, 'Oh, I love you, Pete.' At the end of the day, I was hot," Lupe told Sway. "My crew was hot, the people who put it together was hot, my record company was hot ... [The truce tweet?] He wasn't supposed to say that. He was supposed to say the same sh-- he said on the phone, 'Yo man it was my bad, that was wack, it was f---ed up for me to say that, it was disrespectful, I was 100 percent in the wrong, I apologize.' That's what he was supposed to say."
"You let all these other dudes rap on it, but you sh-- on me? It's like damn, it's me, kid," Fiasco added. "I don't know how to respect that. Part of me comes from the streets, straight from the streets and part of me don't know how to respect that."

Rocsi Dating Eddie Murphy?

Rocsi is supposedly leaving "106 & Park" to pursue a burgeoning movie career, and it looks like she's already snagged her an A-list box office star.
The BET personality was spotted grabbing coffee with funnyman Eddie Murphy--and the two looked like a lot more than just friends. Of course, that didn't stop Rocsi from claiming that there is no romance between she and the actor--who's in his early 50s.
"We are not dating we were just getting coffee," she reportedly told GlobalGrind.
The two allegedly stopped holding hands as soon as they saw the paparazzi snapping pics.

Birdman Denies Lil Kim's Claims

Lil Kim claimed last week that the beef between she and Nicki Minaj began to take root after Cash Money labelhead Birdman flaked out on collaborating with Kim. But in a recent interview, Birdman himself said that there was no truth to the Queen Bee's claims.
"Nah, ain't no truth to that," Birdman responded. "We based on creativity. If you know about YMCMB and you ever followed us and been a part of our music, biting and stealing that sh*t just ain't for us. All [those] rap wars, we just grinding for the money, sun up, sun down. It's Nicki Minaj all day everyday."
Kim said that she was slated to appear on some of Birdman's music, but she was unceremoniously replaced with Nicki. The two femcees have been taking shots at each other for the better part of two years.

Kid Cudi Supports Pusha T

Pusha T's controversial track "Exodus: 23:1" has gotten all types of attention, and hip hop is taking sides. The song drew the ire of hip hop superstar Lil Wayne, and many speculate that the track is full of subliminal disses aimed at Cash Money Records. One of Pusha's G.O.O.D. Music cohorts spoke out in support of the rapper and the song.
Young Chop believed that Pusha's track contained references to him. Chop and G.O.O.D. Music head Kanye West have had their issues.
"Yeah, I was surprised. They said they squashed all the beef that essentially was going on between me and Kanye," said Chop. "So I felt like they [broke] the rules. He put it on record... "f*ck your b*tch" and all that. ... [Why did he do the diss?] I don't have a clue. I really don't know. Yeah, that was a shocker. That was a big shocker. Actually, I was asleep the time it dropped. My brother told me [about it]."
Pusha T's brother and former Clipse bandmate No Malice (formerly Malice) said that his newfound faith is his focus--not taking part in rap beefs.
"Sorry twitter Fam but do I look concerned about anybody's beef? If it don't glorify God I am uninterested. #nowgetoffmytimeline!," he tweeted.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Mac Miller Could Work With Cam'Ron

Rapper Mac Miller revealed an in interview with Karen Civil that while he is recording the follow-up to his Blue Slide Park, he is also eying a possible collaboration with Cam'Ron. The young rhymer actually has several upcoming projects in the works.
“I have a lot of projects that I’m working on kind of simultaneously. Keep your ears and eyes open for something called 'Pink Slime,'" he said. "I’m not telling you what it is, but it’s something. And I’m working on another album and how I can release it. Because we’re staying independent for the next album, so I have to think about what I can do with this album to take it to the next level from Blue Slide Park as far as the release and how we can keep growing and not plateau. I want to keep building. And then Cam and I talked about doing something, I don’t know yet what we’re going to do.”

Big K.R.I.T. Almost Gave Up

Rapper Big K.R.I.T. has been one of hip hop's most talked-about new school emcees, but he has yet to release his debut album for Def Jam Recordings. K.R.I.T. revealed told Billboard that he almost gave up on his musical career two-and-a-half years ago.
"I didn't have the bread to pay my bills or really even feed myself,'" said K.R.I.T. "I felt it might be time for me to focus on something a little more secure."
K.R.I.T.'s debut, Live From the Underground is slated to drop June 5th.
"It was about learning more of the business versus just being radical," he explained. "When you get to see how the anticipation builds up until the point when an album comes out, it makes sense."

Kendrick Lamar Addresses Gay Rights

Kendrick Lamar has become the latest rapper to voice his opinion on LGBT rights. The West Coast rhymer spoke to DJ Drama about the ongoing controversy surrounding marriage equality and gay rights. Lamar says that people should be allowed to live their lives without persecution or being ostracized.
“You know it’s crazy man. I don’t give a f*ck about people doing what they gotta do,” said Kendrick. “That’s your lifestyle; you dig what I’m saying? And people gonna be they own individuals and have they own worlds and I can’t knock it. I believe in Jesus. Just cause if you didn’t believe in Jesus I can’t knock you for not [believing], you got your own beliefs and your own morals. I can’t help the way you was born if you was gay. And I can’t change that so do what you gotta do to be happy.”

Twista Unsure of G.O.O.D. Future

Twista spoke to ThisIs50 about his possibly signing with fellow Chicago rhymer Kanye West's label, G.O.O.D. Music. The veteran emcee had previously stated that he would be interesting in joining G.O.O.D., but clarified that he was merely speculating.
"I don't know what it's going to be [with G.O.O.D. Music]," he said. "[The media] takes it the way they want to take it. [All I said was] that I'm open to sign with whomever as long as the situation's right…it's all love."
"[Kanye and I] both from Chi Town and he's been in the game doing his thing for a long time," he continued. "I definitely don't look at it like [I won't sign under a younger artist]. Like I said, as long as the situation's right."

Pete Rock & Lupe Beef Squashed

After one heated Twitter outburst, some confused radio interviews and reportedly a lot of behind-the-scenes discussions, Lupe Fiasco and Pete Rock have settled their differences over Lupe's sampling of Pete Rock's "T.R.O.Y." Rock made the news public via Twitter earlier today (May 23rd.)
"I just got off da phone lupe, we worked out our differences and we bout to get it in. Gonna be epic and we gonna give Troy and hev the Proper respect they deserve and make history with lupe," Pete Rock tweeted.
"Shout to the Friends&Family for bringing some internal closure to this...all g on this side Pete...Big Chuck whaddup... #MyGodFoRealListen," he tweeted.

John Legend Defends His Girl

John Legend's girlfriend, model Chrissy Teigen, received a tidal wave of hate from Chris Brown fans after she 'dared' to tweet a critical comment about the R&B singer during the Billboard Awards. Brown gave a performance at the show and Tiegen tweeted a disparaging comment about Brown lip-syncing.
That was all it took for "Team Breezy" to go in on the beauty.
"I’ve had comments ranging from 'kill yourself you stupid HO' to 'gold digging c**t,' 'get a f-cking job,' etc. because I don’t like him?" she tweeted. "Seriously. this isn’t your f-cking job. You guys are too young for this sh-t. too f-cking young. stop being psychotic. be strong women. listen to opinions without spewing pure maliciousness…John [Legend] has gotten numerous comments about him needed to 'leash' me or 'control' me. FROM WOMEN. please stop this. What are you even doing this for? some good music and dancing? good god. DO BETTER."
"Personally, I don’t think @chrissyteigen’s existence is pointless. Nor anyone else who dares criticize a performance," Legend said in defense of his girl. "Every artist has to be ok with the fact that some people won’t like their work. All critics aren’t 'haters.'"
"And don’t ever tell me to put my 'b-tch on a leash,'" he added. "She’s a grown woman with her own mind and her own opinions and this is not 1950."

Usher Was Sexing Bridesmaids?

More drama and bombshells being dropped during the Usher/Tameka Foster custody trial...
When Usher said that Tameka kept bringing new nannies in and out of their children's lives, Tameka's attorney retorted with the accusation that the R&B superstar was caught by one of the nannies having sex with one of Tameka's bridesmaids.
“[The nanny] left Miami because you were discovered in bed with Maya Fox Davis?” the lawyer allegedly said in court.
Usher's attorney objected immediately, of course.
The case is currently in recess and due to resume in early July. We'll keep you posted.

Nicki Minaj's Unlikely Inspiration

Nicki Minaj revealed in a recent interview that former Murder, Inc. head Irv Gotti inspired her tune "Moment For Life." She says that Gotti told her to embrace her burgeoning fame.
Inspiration can come from the unlikeliest places.
"When I was writing my first album, Pink Friday, I had a conversation with one of my really good friends, his name is Irv Gotti, and we had this really interesting conversation where he told me ‘enjoy this moment, you’ll never get this moment ever again,’ you’ll never be the ‘new girl on the scene’ ever again," she said.
"And so I went into the studio, I heard this amazing track, and right there in the moment I kind of wished I could freeze everything that was happening because it just felt so exciting, people were all of a sudden interested in me," she continued. "As an underground artist, I wasn’t really use to that."
"I just started singing 'I wish that I could have this moment for life,'" Nicki says. "I went in the booth and started singing it. I never wrote it down. I just felt that’s what the track was saying."

Lil Wayne Expecting Another Kid?

Could Lil Wayne be expecting yetanother lil one?
There are rumors that Weezy may have yet another child on the way. The alleged baby mother is Sarah Vivian--and she's already had one of the hip hop superstar's kids. Wayne is sort of notorious for procreation, so the story isn't outside the realm of possibility.
The baby would make Wayne's fifth child.
There hasn't been any confirmation from Wayne or Vivian, but the Web has been buzzing about the prospect of another seed of Wayne entering the world in nine months or so.
One can only hope, right?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2 Chainz Released From Custody

2 Chainz was released from police custody late last night (May 22nd) after the Atlanta rapper was arrested at LaGuardia Airport for possessing what authorities believed were brass knuckles. It turns out, the New York police mistakenly believed the rapper's 4-fingered ring was brass knuckles.
2 Chainz tweeted the news of his release to his followers. “RALEIGH, NC we on da wayyyyy!!! TurnUPPP,” he tweeted. He was on his way to Raleigh to perform with Meek Mill and Drake at Club Paradise.
He also took the time to address anyone who was happy over his misfortune.
“Sorry to all the negative people who wanted me out the way…kant let u have the game bak that ez…” he added.

50 Cent Releasing Album No Matter What

50 Cent’s anticipated mixtape, "The Lost Tape," was released yesterday (May 22nd) and the rapper is guaranteeing that his long-delayed fifth studio album will be released on July 3rd as promised--with or without support from a major record label. The untitled project has been delayed for years due to ongoing struggles between 50 Cent and Interscope Records.
“There’s a lot more business involved [in putting out an album] than the general public is aware of. And that part causes the actual delay with [Interscope]. I’m releasing my album July 3rd, whether is has commercial promotions or not,” he told AllHipHop. “My birthday is July 6 and I planned for it. And I’m doing everything that I planned to do regardless if its huge airplay or not. I could care less, I’m putting the record out.”
“I don’t need a record to sell. How much money you think I’ma make off record sales? You think I’ma sell 13 million records? Its starting to feel like that corner that I left,” 50 Cent explained. “I ain’t going to keep sitting on the records. Even if everything ain’t in order, album five will be out July 3 and they can wait another two years for me to give them another one.”
“I have new ideas so my passion for making the music hasn’t gone anywhere. That’s why I’m making music for free. The mixtape is for free unless DJ Drama is getting some paper I don’t know about. I need a piece of that paper,” 50 said, jokingly.

Kanye Leads BET Award Nominees

Stephen Hill, President of BET’s Music Programming and Specials,has revealed the 2012 BET Awards nominees, recipient of the “Cadillac Lifetime Achievement Award,” and host for the awards; Hollywood star Samuel L. Jackson. The show will take place on July 1 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California.
“We are massively excited about having Sam Jackson host the BET Awards,” Hill exclaimed. “His wit, presence, and gigantic personality are the perfect match for our show.”
Among the performers for this year's show are A$AP Rocky, Big Sean, Melanie Fiona, DJ Khaled, Diggy Simmons, Mindless Behavior, Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj.
Kanye West leads with seven nominations and Beyonce received six nominations.

Usher's Teary-Eyed Court Drama

For anyone hoping to get a glimpse into just how much drama went on between R&B superstar Usher and his ex-wife, Tameka Raymond, the singer's emotional court testimony should be quite entertaining.
Usher got emotional during the custody hearing, and shared an incident when he and his girlfriend/manager Grace Miguel showed up to drop off his son.
"To hopefully prevent a negative interaction between the two of them I parked at a distance down the hill from her home. I walked Usher up the hill, up the driveway, to her house where she greeted me with a plate of food. Apparently there was some celebration going on in the house. She had a plate of food in her hand and I said, ‘Here’s Usher,'" the senior Usher says. "I said she should go into the house and attend to the other children, she said, ‘The children are fine.’ I proceeded to walk back down the hill towards my car and she said, ‘Why’d you park down the hill?’ I said, ‘You should turn around and go back to your house and deal with the children as no one is in the house. The children are unattended.’ She said, ‘The children are fine. Why’d you park down the hill?’"
"She placed the plate of food on the pedestal and walked over to the car," he continued. "[She] pulled the door open and she wanted to fight. She told her, ‘I’ma kick your a–. B—h get out of the car. How dare you bring this woman in my subdivision. In my house, my subdivision.’ Of course I try my hardest to prevent the situation from escalating to far worse than what it could have potentially been, but she continued to swing, spit. At this point she had slammed — she began to pull the door open, began to pull Ms. Miguel and began to swing at her. It was basically an attack on her. I, at that point, got out of the car and came around to the passenger side and stood between the two of them. Ms. Miguel never got out of the car but at least I wedged myself between the door and her. I shut the door and Tameka hit me, of course. I went back around to the other side of the car and we exchanged words. I just told her, there were people watching in the neighborhood and I just thought that was horrible. The kids could have seen us. Could have heard us obviously. She shouldn’t be so loud and maybe other neighbors would have seen it. That’s just not the way I would conduct myself, so I left. Got in my car, drove to the end of the culdesac, turned around and she threw her plate of food at the car and I drove off.”

Nas Admires Michelle Obama

Beyonce penned a letter to First Lady Michelle Obama last month, and now hip hop superstar Nas has shared his admiration for Mrs. Obama. The Queensbridge rhymer says that she epitomizes what a first lady should be, and he loves Obama's compassion and commitment.
"Michelle Obama is the most beautiful woman on the planet," Nas said. "She cares about people.
He acknowledged that the President's wives had all had their crosses to bear, but Obama's authenticity is what sets her apart from her predecessors.
"All first ladies have their jobs to do, but you can feel her sincerity," he added.

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